What is it?

If you're a student at Houghton University, then chances are you have passed through the Forsyth Learning Commons on your way to class. Maybe you have walked passed a class room with with windows on every wall filled with computers. This space is the home of the Mac Lab on campus, a media arts classroom space for students to work on projects in graphic design, animation, photography, videography, 3D modeling, photoshop, and so much more!

Getting to Know the Space

The Mac Lab is fully equipped with iMac computers at each station, all having access to the Adobe Suite. Students may enter the lab using the fingerprint scanner we like to call Katy because, well, she's hot and she's cold, she's yes and she's no.

Communications Department

To me, Houghton's Communications Department is like it's only little community in itself. Whether it is bonding over late nights in the Mac Lab, or watching movies together while sitting in a ball pit, the sense of community in the comm department is strong and is as warm and welcoming as the monkey bread.