Who is she?

Have you ever been walking past the infamous Mac Lab and noticed a mysterious woman in the window? Only to get closer and find out she's just a head?! If this is you, then you might have had a wild Gwenni siting!

Meet Gwenni

A mannequin head which was once used for testing video lighting has quickly become the Mac Lab's unofficial official mascot. She showed up not knowing what her name was, so a sign was hung up outside of the lab and her name was voted for by students, faculty, and other members of the Houghton community.

Okay, but where did she come from??

The answer to that question is, like Gwenni herself, a mystery. An anonymous source is claimed to have said, “All I know about Gwenni is that she comes and goes as she pleases. She answers to no one. And she's truly free.”