Meeting the Macs

When you walk into the Mac Lab, the first thing you'll notice is all of the Mac Computers! Each one is labeled with a tag that has it's computer number on it, so that students can identify which Mac they are using. But did you know that these tags also display each computers name?

Who are they?

That's right! Each Mac computer in the lab has a name! And almost every name has its own little connection to Houghton University! Some are named after professors, some are named after residence halls, and some are even named after well known people on campus. For example, there is a computer named Pam after the Metz worker in the dining hall who scans students in to meals! You'll also find some famous members of the Comm department, featuring Doug, Mark, Madison, Ryann and Dave!

How do I know who my computer is?

Your computer's name tag will be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the monitor for the Macs in the front classroom. For the computers in the middle room that use the Mac Minis for their set up, you'll find the computer's name tag right on the Mac Mini!